The NVR5412/5416 Linux RAID NVR is part of Surveon Enterprise Series. Featuring 12/16-bay hot-swappable hard disks and RAID 1, 5, 6 data protection, the NVR5412/5416 supports Full HD (1080P) video recording of up to 96 channels for the video retention period from 7 to 30 days. Based on the client-server architecture, the NVR5412/5416 provides high I/O, large capacities, and overall system stability necessary for scalable projects. The NVR5412/5416 also comes with the enterprise VMS with real-time monitoring and video analytics and supports centralized management and TV wall matrix with the Surveon Control Center (SCC). The NVR5412/5416 ensure excellent system reliability and easy maintenance for middle to large applications.

  • Maximum 96CH Megapixel Recording (up to 5MP or above)
  • Support 12/16-bay Hot-Swappable SATA Hard Disk
  • SAS JBOD and iSCSI Storage Expansion
  • NVR5412 Support 14x 2U 12-bay JBOD (total 180HDDs) or 5x 4U 60-bay JBOD (total 312HDDs)
  • NVR5416 Support 14x 3U 16-bay JBOD (total 240HDDs) or 5x 4U 60-bay JBOD (total 316HDDs)
  • Enterprise Hardware RAID Function for Data Protection
  • Built-in Enterprise VMS & Real-Time Video Intelligences
  • Support Web-based System Maintenance Tool (SurveOne)
  • Scalable Client-Server Architecture
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